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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mobile WiMAX Faces a Diminishing Time-to-Market Advantage

ABI Research press release
Service providers with the right spectrum, available capital, and access to enough sites to place base stations are in a great position to take advantage of WiMAX’s headstart on the 4G market. But LTE (Long-Term Evolution) and UMB (Ultra Mobile Broadband) are vying for 4G as well – and even though mobile WiMAX has a time-to-market advantage over LTE, delays in certifications by the WiMAX Forum (coupled with delays in network rollouts) could narrow that window of opportunity.

The ABI Research report, WiMAX Market Analysis and Forecasts, examines major drivers and barriers for WiMAX and compares it with 3G and other 4G technologies. The report contains forecasts for 802.16-2004 and 802.16e-2005, and forms part of one ABI Research

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