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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Industry Giants Unite to Deliver Mobile Broadband Future

GSM Association press release

Today, 16 of the world’s best known IT and mobile companies have united behind a GSMA-led initiative to create a new category of always-connected Mobile Broadband devices, delivering a compelling alternative to WiFi. This will give consumers the freedom to get online on the move, while enabling operators to address a US$50 billion opportunity in both mature and emerging markets.

In the first phase of this unprecedented initiative, mobile operators, PC manufacturers and chipset providers are uniting to pre-install Mobile Broadband into a range of notebook PCs that will be ready to switch on and surf straight out of the box in 91 countries across the world.

Although the press release states that this will deliver a compelling alternative to WiFi (no mention of WiMAX), this is clearly aimed at Intel's effort to embed WiMAX into laptops and other UMDs (Ultra Mobile Device). Both sides (HSPA/LTE and WiMAX) have been targeting UMDs beyond handsets to jump start the high speed wireless data market and now it seems this effort is in the forefront. Interested to see attractive data services come out which take advantage of this program.

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