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Monday, October 27, 2008

Anite selects 4M Wireless LTE protocol stack for testing

Anite press release
Anite plc, a global leader in testing technology for the wireless industry, has selected the 4M Wireless LTE protocol stack for comprehensive verification of the Anite SAT(H) LTE protocol test solution. 4M Wireless Ltd is the only company providing a complete LTE UE terminal protocol stack that is already being used in the industry. The 4M Wireless solution allows Anite to carry out interoperability tests of all protocol layers compliant to the latest 3GPP LTE specifications. The two companies have already extensively tested the MAC, RLC, and PDCP and are currently the first in the world to carry out full interoperability tests of the RRC and NAS protocol layers for LTE.

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transx said...

Its interesting to see that development of LTE protocol stack is progressing so quickly. The 3GPP specifications are close to completion. Anite has not always been the strongest player in the test market however it is taking a very aggressive stance in LTE. It does seems that 4M Wireless is on top of the game and farahead of the industry in its development so it should be an interesting company to watch in the coming years.