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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

T-Mobile Sets LTE Requirements

Source: Unstrung
When it comes to 4G, T-Mobile International AG knows what it wants.

Since T-Mobile's CTO Joachim Horn recently disclosed to Unstrung that it wants to skip High-Speed Packet Access evolution (HSPA+) and deploy 4G technology Long-Term Evolution (LTE) as quickly as possible, the operator revealed further ambitions for the mobile broadband technology at the LTE World Summit in London this week.

Frank Meywerk, senior vice president of radio networks at T-Mobile, issued a set of technical and cost requirements that he said were critical for LTE's success.


Pawan Chaudhary said...

Verizon has tested their LTE network in Seattle and Boston with Alca-Lu and Ericsson.
Any light on the results of these trials ? What they could achieve ? Feasibility comments?

Is it something over current HSPA/HSPA+ (28Mbps available commercially)?

gustavmahler said...

VZW's official statement wrt Seattle/Boston trials are at Also, some more details are at Looks like their initial results came in at 7~12 Mbps downlink and 3~5 Mbps uplink.

- Hyung

Pawan Chaudhary said...

"Though they're not talking speeds with these trials specifically, they're confident in saying that everything's in line for 7-12Mbps down and 3-5Mbps up at launch."

Thats the only thing they are talking about Speed tests etc. Nothing significant.

Only thing Verizon says is successful tests. Seems successful means successful intergration of LTE components of different suppliers.
Quoted speeds are very much achievable with HSPA+ on 5Mhz as well (theo max. being 28 Mbps as of now).