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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Japan’s KDDI Selects LTE Core as Next-Generation Mobile Broadband Solution from Hitachi and Nortel

Source: Nortel press release
KDDI, Japan's second largest cellular operator, will deploy a next-generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) wireless network using a core networking solution from Hitachi collaborating with Nortel.

The new LTE network from Hitachi and Nortel will provide an overlay to the existing CDMA mobile network, enabling instant access to the bandwidth-intense multimedia content and applications demanded by KDDI's tech savvy 30 million mobile consumers and business users. The network will significantly improve user experience through greatly reduced download times for music and video services as well as providing anywhere, anytime access to bandwidth-hungry applications such as video, real-time mobile games and online services. The network will also help lower costs for KDDI and ensure seamless interoperability with the current 3G CDMA network.

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