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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ceragon Introduces MAST (TM) – End-to-End, LTE-Ready Backhaul Solutions

Source: Ceragon press release
Ceragon Networks Ltd., a leading provider of high-capacity, LTE-ready wireless backhaul solutions, today introduced MAST (TM) – a network architecture that goes beyond “pure transport”. MAST, the Mobile Architecture for Services Transport, includes an interoperable ecosystem, enabling operators to profitably evolve mobile networks by using multiple backhaul and networking alternatives. Built around Ceragon’s leading edge FibeAir® family of products, MAST also includes innovative and multi-functional network solutions from Ceragon partners that complement Ceragon’s offering. With MAST, operators can maximize the potential of existing networks, while benefiting from a clear and cost efficient transition path towards LTE-ready backhaul networks.

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