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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fujitsu Launches LTE eNodeB Base Station Family

Source: Fujitsu press release
Fujitsu Network Communications, a leading supplier of innovative optical and wireless networking solutions, announced today its new BroadOne™ LS LTE eNodeB base station portfolio that addresses power and implementation cost needs of wireless operators as they expand existing networks to include fourth-generation (4G) mobile services. The new eNodeBs feature simple maintenance, easy customization, and are among the smallest and most power-efficient in the industry resulting in lower implementation and operational costs. With these new BroadOne LS LTE eNodeBs, mobile service providers will be able to build their 4G wireless broadband infrastructure at a lower cost and offer end-users 4G mobile service at more reasonable rates.

The BroadOne LS LTE eNodeB family is based on a new architectural concept and will be available in distributed and all-in-one versions. The eNodeBs include superior antenna technologies comprising advanced DSPs to augment advanced RF technology. The BroadOne LS LTE series employs a distributed architecture, consisting of a Remote Radio Head (RRH) and a Base Band Unit (BBU). The BBU comes in both indoor and outdoor models to meet the diverse deployment environments that exist in the network today. The RRH is designed to take advantage of the lower operational cost of an all-outdoor deployment.

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