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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nokia Siemens Networks gives voice to LTE

Source: Nokia Siemens Networks press release
Operators can evolve their installed networks to offer an elegant, cost-efficient voice solution for next-generation networks.

With a simple upgrade to their circuit switched core network, over 220 of Nokia Siemens Networks’ customer operators can smoothly start offering Voice over LTE much sooner than they thought.

Long Term Evolution/System Architecture Evolution (LTE/SAE) is the next-generation mobile network technology that enables faster and smoother delivery of new multimedia and rich call applications. Based on a flat, all-IP architecture, it provides the most efficient radio solution for mobile broadband voice and multimedia.

Nokia Siemens Networks has developed a smart approach for providing voice service over LTE networks that operators can implement with simple and cost-effective software and hardware upgrades* to their existing 3GPP circuit-switch core network. The “Fast Track VoLTE” approach provides a cost-efficient way to offer voice over LTE (VoLTE) in any mobile network architecture.

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muthuSINCE1984 said...

ok fine. how the communication between HSS and MME can be done in LTE/SAE?? Specs say, its thro' S6a interface using diameter protocol.. but no message code (thats given as "tbd") given for diameter messages related to 3GPP standard.. Then how it can be done??