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Friday, March 27, 2009

Latest Results from the LTE/SAE Trial Initiative

A belated post but LTE/SAE Trial Initiative (LSTI) has a great presentation on their ongoing progress of LTE trials on their website. It has many detailed results and some timelines. The following is the absract:

The LTE/SAE Trial Initiative is an open group of vendors and operators working together to accelerate the development of a global ecosystem for LTE/SAE. A Proof of Concept activity has now consolidated measurements from leading equipment vendors to show that the industry's targets for performance are achievable: LTE/SAE does exactly what it says on the tin. In addition to peak rates and minimum latency, results also reveal the 'real world' performance that operators will be able to offer to end users. Updates from the LSTI's Interoperability and Trials activities are also given.

Also, LSTI's paper on their LTE trial progress will be published on the upcoming April issue of IEEE Communications Magazine.

Thanks to Julius Robson of Nortel who is the author of the presentation (also the Chairman of LSTI Proof of Concept Group) for bringing this document to my attention.

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