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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LSTI Begins Cross-Vendor Interoperability Testing for LTE/SAE

Source: LSTI press release
The LTE SAE Trial Initiative (LSTI), a unique global collaboration of LTE/SAE vendors and operators, has commenced testing to confirm that LTE/SAE infrastructure, chipsets, and devices from various vendors across the globe can interoperate to deliver end-to-end LTE/SAE networks. This vendor co-operation and interoperability testing will enhance the LTE ecosystem, leading to economies of scale and more diverse deployment options for LTE operators.

LSTI’s Interoperability Development Testing (IODT) will be performed by various pairs of LSTI members. Each pair will consist of a network infrastructure vendor and a user equipment or chipset vendor. The pairs will perform interoperability testing based on a common set of features and established 3GPP LTE/SAE Release 8 Standards (March 09). Testing results will be consolidated by LSTI to validate the maturity of the standards and ensure the commercial capabilities of end-to-end LTE networks. A selection of consolidated results will be made public for the benefit and use of the entire LTE industry.

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