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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LTE patent pool efforts heat up

Source: FierceWireless
Earlier this month and oddly within days of each other (two were on the same day), three different companies that administer patent licensing programs issued calls for patents essential to the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard, with the purpose of creating a patent pool for LTE.

Sisvel, VIA Licensing and MPEG LA are calling on companies claiming to hold patents essential to LTE to give them a call or send an email so they can evaluate the claims and create a patent program. MPEG LA said it has made significant progress with a group of interested companies to create a joint patent pool license for LTE. The company said its efforts began last year, and it has been educating the market about the benefits of pooling licenses. Sisvel said its effort also began last year, and it too is making a move following talks with stakeholders in the LTE field.

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