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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Motorola to double R&D spend in LTE and support China Mobile trials

Source: Rethink Wireless
Motorola's networks division has stepped up to clarify its position on next generation technologies, following comments by co-CEO Greg Brown, which implied the firm was cutting back on R&D in 4G technologies. In fact, says Fred Wright, senior VP with responsibility for WiMAX and cellular networks, Motorola will double its spending on LTE developments this year and has a new trial starting with China Mobile, for the TDD variant of the platform.

At Motorola's recent Q1 results call with analysts, Brown said 4G R&D was being adapted to be "more reflective of the market" and this would include "moderating our investment in WiMAX to reflect current market conditions". Wright clarifies, saying R&D spend for LTE this year will be twice that of 2008, and the total spent on LTE plus WiMAX will increase, but the WiMAX sum will be lower.

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