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Monday, June 15, 2009

From 3G to LTE: Latin America’s Path to Mobile Broadband

Source: Pyramid Research
Mobile data usage in Latin America, like mobile usage everywhere, is growing. With 20% of mobile services revenue coming from data in 2009, the region has entered a stage when data services are essential to the whole mobile business model. Messaging and value-added services are the two main components of mobile data revenue today, and while messaging will remain the primary source of data revenue, new content and advanced mobile devices are encouraging Latin Americans to embrace high-speed services and applications in greater numbers. Access networks still have to be improved significantly in order to meet subscribers' growing quality and speed expectations. In fact, by accelerating data's contribution to overall mobile revenue, such improvements are critical to fuelling mobile revenue growth.

This Insider focuses on mobile network technologies, analyzing their role in building dynamic mobile broadband markets across Latin America. We examine the state of network technology adoption to identify the role of dominant standards in mobile data growth. We also look at how competitive pressures from CDMA EV-DO and Mobile WiMAX are boosting that growth, and whether strategic decisions by alternative mobile operators could accelerate 4G uptake. The Insider ends with three case studies of specific conditions in and expectations for Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

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