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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Huawei: Don't skip 3G for 4G

Source: ZDNet Asia
-Operators in emerging markets on the path to LTE (long term evolution) would be better off making incremental upgrades of their GSM networks, rather than leapfrog the intermediary standards, urged a market player.

Min Chung-Yen, Huawei Technologies' Asia-Pacific senior director of marketing and strategy, referred to a technology migration path recommended by industry initiative, 3G Partnership Project (3GPP), which outlines a gradual upgrade from GSM to UMTS (universal mobile telecommunications system), followed by HSPA, and then LTE. This migration path has been popular with operators, Min said Thursday, during a presentation at the Next-Generation Broadband Forum, held at imbX 2009. Huawei is China's largest networking and telecommunications equipment provider.

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