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Monday, June 8, 2009

LTE Tests for the Future

Source: Unstrung Insider press release
If Long Term Evolution (LTE) goals are to be believed, then network equipment vendors and service providers will be seeing improved spectral efficiency, lowered costs, offering increased applications, and integrating with more open standards. While some vendors say that they expect to have their LTE rollouts ready as early as the end of 2009, most believe it will not happen until early 2010.

This report examines applications in the emerging LTE testing market, including a comparative analysis of solutions. The report analyzes the types of test suites on offer and how those products will be applied to maximize LTE service levels, shorten development cycles, accelerate time to market, and optimize network operation and performance. It also examines how LTE testing vendors help their users achieve operational savings. Further, the report examines challenges the LTE testing market faces, trends in the industry, and how the economy is affecting the industry. Finally, it provides a competitive analysis of seven top suppliers of LTE testing products.

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