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Thursday, July 23, 2009

TD-SCDMA/4G in China

June issue of Telecommunications Review (from SK Telecom) has technical articles on China's LTE TDD migration. Follow the link and click the "Recent Telecommunications Review" section, and you'll be able to download the articles.

The following are the list of papers (note that that some of the articles are written in Korean):

* TD- SCDMA 장점 비교분석, 주요현황 및 현실적인 발전 전략
* China FuTURE 4G TDD System: TD-SCDMA Evolution
* TD-SCDMA 진화 방향
* The Impact on RF Specification by Introducing TD-SCDMA Multi-carrier HSDPA
* IMT-A 시스템에서의 시분할 Duplex 무선 디지털 중계기 특유의 2가지 동작방식
* Radio Resource Management for TD-SCDMA and Evolved TDD: A Survey
* IMS의 서비스 제어 및 발전 추세
* 중국 All-Service 운영 환경에서의 FMC 서비스 발전

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