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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Research Report - Packet Backhaul: Carrier Strategies & Real-World Deployments

Source: Heavy Reading
Packet Backhaul: Carrier Strategies & Real-World Deployments examines how much progress has been made in deploying packet backhaul at cell sites worldwide, using information from 50 highly detailed examples of live packet backhaul deployments submitted by nearly two dozen of the world's leading backhaul equipment vendors. The report provides the first insight into what today's live packet backhaul deployments really look like – where they are, what architecture they conform to, what technologies they use, and critically, how many cell sites were actually in live service as of the second quarter of 2009. By presenting and analyzing this first large and reliable sample of live packet backhaul deployments, this report provides a unique and timely perspective on whether mobile operators are reducing their backhaul costs at the rate they need to as they make the transition from voice-centric service and revenue models to data-centric models.

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