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Saturday, September 12, 2009

LTE Asia signals success for 3GPP

Source: 3GPP press release
The success of 3GPP's LTE standard was this week reflected by the large attendance and optimism of the LTE Asia Conference, held in Hong Kong.

Over 200 delegates discussed strategies and time-frames for the migration to LTE networks, with the discussion now about the “when”, rather than the “if”.

Delegates heard that half of the over 4 billion subscriptions for mobile will be Broadband by 2013, with the early majority on HSPA, TD-SCDMA and EV-DO networks and with a rising tide of LTE starting to appear as each of these technologies converge on the 3GPP standard.

All roads lead to LTE

This smooth transfer from the legacy equipment towards LTE is proving to be one of the hottest stories of the moment. LTE Asia heard from experts, who spoke of increased confidence that there is a single path, allowing backward and forward compatibility.

3GPP Workshop on the future of the Standards

LTE Asia hosted a 3GPP workshop session dedicated to the key features of LTE and LTE-Advanced on the agenda as systems evolve beyond Release 8.
Specialist presentations dealt with; the path to IMT-Advanced, a Chinese perspective from the 3GPP partner in China – CCSA and a detailed Security presentation, including the security aspects and solutions for Femtocells and new LTE security work.

What they said:

Telecommunications Authority, Hong Kong
Hong Kong has a Mobile customer penetration rate of 167%, with a year-on-year increase in data usage of 550%

ASTRI, Hong Kong Applied Science & Technology Research Institute
The long-waited 3G licenses were finally issued in early 2009, three different 3G technologies will be used. But only one technology for the future – LTE!
* China Telecom probable path: IS95 -> CDMA2000 -> EVDO Rev A -> EVDO Rev B(?) -> LTE
* China Unicom probable path: GSM->EDGE->WCDMA -> HSPA-> HSPA+ -> LTE
* China Mobile probable path: GSM->EDGE->TD-SCDMA->TD-HSPA->TD-LTE (LTE TDD) |

CDG Area of Focus
- LTE Interoperability:
- Seamless Mobility: CDG to ensure service continuity, inter-standard hand-offs between LTE and CDMA2000 networks is essential
- System Determination: To maximize revenue, the appropriate system determination algorithms must exist in every CDMA2000/LTE device
- Device Certification: To ensure full compliance, device certification from an independent third-party is sanctioned
- Inter-Standard Global Roaming: To enable global roaming, inter-standard roaming between LTE and CDMA2000 Networks is essential

Chunghwa Telecom Mobile Business Group
”LTE is now the global choice”

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