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Friday, September 11, 2009

LTE Focus: Small cells and app ecosystems are key to success

Source: Rethink Wireless
As might be expected at such an early stage of a technology's life, this week's LTE Focus conference in Amsterdam raised as many questions as it answered, especially about the thorny problem of how carriers are going to make a profit from mobile broadband. Alcatel-Lucent made the case for the mobile industry - cellcos, vendors and their new partners - keeping control of mobile Web 2.0 with an ecosystem geared to new services. Others took the view that Google, Apple and the rest are doing a fine job of coming up with the applications, and operators need to use LTE to create a cost efficient fat pipe - probably shared with other cellcos, probably offloading less attractive traffic to other systems. Two of the few points of agreement - 2014, not 2011, is the year for LTE to hit mass markets; and success will depend on ever smaller cells.

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