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Thursday, September 17, 2009

WiChorus Unveils HSPA & LTE Packet Core Solutions Based on its SmartCore 4G Platform

Source: WiChorus press release
WiChorus, theSmart 4G Packet Core provider, unveiled a solution that enables mobile operators to build their 3G HSPA packet core networks with a 4G platform and provides a future-proof software upgrade path to LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC). The exponential growth of mobile broadband data is changing the function and performance requirements of the mobile packet core for HSPA and HSPA+ networks, as well as deploymentmodels. By leveraging its high-performance 4G packet core platform, WiChorus is addressing these new needs and enables support for GGSN, LTE, PDN Gateway and Serving Gateway network functions. The mobile operators coping with an unprecedented rise of Internet traffic and adopting or enhancing HSPA networks can now future-proof their networks for LTE, with the un-matched performance and capacity of SmartCore platforms. The WiChorus HSPA GGSN is currently in trials with mobile operators.

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