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Monday, October 12, 2009

Update from the LTE/SAE Trial Initiative: Presentation at LTE Forum 2009, Lisbon by Martin Ljungberg, Ericsson

Source: GSA
The LTE/SAE Trial Initiative (LSTI) is a global, collaborative technology trial initiative focused on accelerating the availability of commercial and interoperable next generation LTE mobile broadband systems. The Initiative was formally launched in May 2007 by leading telecommunications companies. Since its inception LSTI has expanded to include 39 members.

This presentation provides an update of their important work, including progress on the Proof of Concept Activity for LTE FDD and TD LTE modes and the key results obtained, Interoperability Testing (IOT) and preparations for the Friendly Customer Trials.

Published by GSA with the kind permission of LTE/SAE Trial Initiative

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