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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WiMAX(TM) Ecosystem Backs IEEE 802.16m for IMT-Advanced and Future Proof Roadmap

Source: WiMAX Forum press release
The WiMAX Forum® and executives from premier suppliers and operators were on hand during ITU Telecom World 2009 to express their commitment to build and trial WiMAX Release 2 based on the IEEE 802.16m standard. Ecosystem participants represented Alvarion, Beceem, Cisco, Clearwire, Huawei, Intel, KT, Samsung, UQC, Yota and ZTE. Also revealed was a milestone of 500 network deployments in more than 145 countries – placing WiMAX as the leading mobile broadband technology.

The WiMAX Forum, along with 50 companies, announced the endorsement of IEEE’s submission to ITU-R that proposes an IEEE 802.16m-based candidate for IMT-Advanced. The WiMAX Forum also announced that it will finalize its WiMAX Release 2 specification in parallel with IEEE 802.16m and IMT-Advanced, ensuring that WiMAX Release 2 networks and devices will remain backward compatible with legacy WiMAX Release 1 based on IEEE 802.16e.

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