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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

LTE UE Stack from L&T Infotech Accelerates Availability of LTE Terminal Devices

Source: PR Newswire
L&T Infotech ( announced today the availability of its 3GPP release LTE UE (User Equipment) protocol stack (Ver 8), helping to reduce time-to-market of LTE terminal devices.

L&T Infotech has developed LTE protocol stack, leveraging its vast experience in wireless technologies like CDMA, UMTS, EVDO, WLAN and WiMAX. The solution comprises Access Stratum and Non Access Stratum (NAS) layers as defined by 3GPP standards. L&T Infotech's LTE UE stack is compliant to March '09 3GPP Release 8, LTE specifications. The design is modular to accommodate further releases of the Release 8 Standard. The implementation is agnostic of underlying operating system and hardware. The data plane (MAC, RLC and PDCP) is extensively tested for all 8 Data Radio Bearers (DRBs) at UE simultaneously, with both Tx and Rx path configurations for various combinations of UM and AM mode. The Control Plane (RRC and NAS) supports L2/L1 configurations, bearer establishment, cell selection and mobility procedures.

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