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Monday, November 16, 2009

Qualcomm now has 4G licensing deals with the big three

Source: Rethink Wireless
Just as Samsung's renewal (without lawsuits) of its licensing deal with Qualcomm was the highlight of the chip company's recent Q3 results announcement, so the long line of product announcements at its analyst day last week were outshone by news on the IPR front. Few doubt Qualcomm's ability to compete in advanced cellphone silicon, but the patents licensing business that delivers so much of its profit and industry power has been under far more serious question, as major firms challenge the US giant's model, and the market shifts slowly towards platforms not based on CDMA. So Qualcomm backers were delighted at the news that LG had joined its compatriot in renewing its existing licensing deal, with none of the bitter dispute that surrounded Nokia's renewal last year, and that the big three phonemakers have all agreed to license Qualcomm '4G' technology.


Anonymous said...

why the viceversa still not happen ?, they (LG, Nokia, Samsung) seems to have not cross-licensing program with qualcomm...

gustavmahler said...

Those deals were probably cross-licensing deals. It's just that Qualcomm had more value in the end.

- Hyung