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Friday, December 11, 2009

Technical papers on LTE-Advanced and TD-LTE in this month's (DEC. 2009) IEEE Communications Magazine

Two papers are:

* Device-to-Device Communication as an Underlay to LTE-Advanced Networks: The authors study device-to-device (D2D) communication underlaying a 3GPP LTE-Advanced cellular network as an enabler of local services with limited interference impact on the primary cellular network. The approach of the study is tight integration of D2D communication into an LTE-Advanced network. - Klaus Doppler, Mika Rinne, Carl Wijting, Cássio B. Ribeiro, and Klaus Hugl, Nokia Research Center

* Technologies and Standards for TD-SCDMA Evolutions to IMT-Advanced: The current TD-SCDMA commercialization in China brings about many issues concerning the implementation of TD-SCDMA technology, the market, and its applications. In order to make TD-SCDMA successful, evolution from the current TD-SCDMA standards to International Mobile Telecommunications-Advanced are anticipated. TD-SCDMA standards and technologies will take a home-made evolution path in China, aiming at a smooth migration to the next-generation mobile communication system. - Mugen Peng and Wenbo Wang, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

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