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Thursday, January 28, 2010

SwissQual Drive Tests World’s First Public LTE 4G Network

Source: SwissQual press release
SwissQual, the independent Swiss network quality measurement company, has carried out drive testing on the new TeliaSonera LTE network in Stockholm. The measurements were made using the Samsung Kalmia LTE 4G modem mounted in the SwissQual Diversity Optimizer platform. The Diversity Optimizer, in common with all of the probes in the SwissQual Evolution range, has been designed to easily integrate new handsets and modems for emerging technologies such as LTE.

The drive test collected very interesting measurement results from the new TeliaSonera 4G data service. Downlink data throughputs up to 47 Mbps and TCP latency as low as 20 ms were recorded. This is approximately 5 times better than the performance typically seen in 3G HSPA+ networks.

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tuofumetto said...

Actually still we do not have 4G networks, in the sense thta 4G networks shall meet ITU-Advanced requirements.