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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jumbo post: Notable LTE news/analysis in the past month or so

- Sonera to roll out Finland’s first 4G network in Turku (6/2)
- DOCOMO to Begin Pre-launch Operation of LTE Network (6/8)
- BWA Auction Is Bad News for WiMax's Future (6/11)
- Ericsson claims lead in essential patents for LTE (6/14)
- Does 4G Have a Role in M2M? (6/17)
- Telstra and Nokia Siemens Networks LTE world-first trial achieves 100Mbps at 75km using 2.6GHz (6/18)
- A step closer to 4G: Verizon moves to 'user trials' in LTE (6/18)
- US looks to harness 90MHz of mobile satellite spectrum (6/21)
- 3GPP LTE Seminar for Latin America Operators (6/21)
- DoCoMo Seeks LTE Femto Suppliers (6/22)
- Novatel Wireless Introduces Its LTE Embedded Modules Portfolio (6/28)
- Verizon to launch LTE network on November 15th, handsets on Black Friday (6/29)
- TeliaSonera gears up to ship first dual-mode LTE / 3G USB WWAN modem (6/30)
- LTE trials completed in 800MHz and 1.8GHz (7/2)
- Challengers Shake Up LTE Chips (7/5)
- LTE Trials Pick Up Speed as the World Prepares to Go 4G; ABI Research Reports (7/6)
- ST-Ericsson and Sagem aim for early LTE devices (7/8)
- Small Cells Key to LTE, Analyst Says (7/8)
- Ericsson: First complete TD-LTE solution showcased (7/12)
- Sprint’s 4G move opens way to merger (7/12)
- Alvarion Expands its 4G Offering to Include TD-LTE (7/13)
- SK Telecom Plans LTE Launch in 2011 (7/14)
- IP Wireless and Altair team-up on multi-mode LTE modems (7/14)
- LG VL600 hybrid LTE / CDMA modem for Verizon clears FCC hurdle (7/17)
- Verizon's 4G LTE SIM in the wild (7/19)
- LTE market facing confusion with 20 different spectrum bands (7/19)
- Spirent Enables Seamless Mobility of LTE Multi-Mode Devices (7/19)
- Harbinger forges $7B LTE pact with Nokia Siemens (7/20)
- Verizon's LTE network launching November 15 with two data cards and over 30 markets? (7/20)
- Counting Down to LTE (7/23)

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