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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Clearwire Announces New 4G LTE Technology Trials Expected to Yield Unmatched Wireless Speeds in the U.S.

Source: Clearwire press release
Clearwire Corporation, a leading provider of wireless broadband services and operator of the largest 4G network in the country, today announced plans to conduct 4G LTE technology trials expected to yield unmatched wireless speeds in the U.S., and to test multiple coexistence scenarios between LTE and WiMAX radio technologies. The new tests are designed to showcase the unique capability of Clearwire's unmatched spectrum holdings and examine a variety of potential future technology combinations that could yield additional benefits to consumers and shareholders.

* Initial Tests Expected to Demonstrate Real-World Download Speeds Ranging from 20-70 Mbps, Significantly Faster than the 5-12 Mbps Expected from Other Operators in the U.S.
* New Trials to Showcase Unique Advantages of Clearwire's Vast Spectrum Holdings and Flexibility of Company's All-IP Network Architecture to Test Multiple Coexistence Scenarios Between LTE and WiMAX
* Unprecedented Technical Trials to Test Both FDD LTE and TDD LTE Using Commercially Available Equipment on One of World's Most Widely Used 4G Frequency Band by Global Operators

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