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Sunday, September 11, 2011

LTE watch Weekly Summary [8/29~9/11, 2011]

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Marvell Announces Industry's 1st Single-chip "World Modem" with Support for FDD/TDD-LTE, HSPA+, TD-SCDMA and EDGE
Source: Marvell press release
Marvell announced its latest breakthrough technology for global mobile communications, the Marvell® PXA1801 single-chip LTE world modem.


Huawei Launches the World's First LTE TDD Wireless Broadband Router
Source: Huawei press release
Huawei has announced the commercial availability of the world's first LTE TDD wireless broadband router, the Huawei B593, through Saudi Arabian operator Mobily in October this year, in conjunction with the commercial availability of large-scale LTE TDD networks worldwide.

Samsung speeds up the Smarter Life with LTE versions of the GALAXY S II and GALAXY Tab 8.9
Source: News Wire
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. announced LTE editions of its GALAXY S II and GALAXY Tab 8.9.

Qualcomm Collaborates with Leading OEMs to Announce the Availability of Multi-mode LTE TDD Devices in India
Source: Qualcomm press release
Qualcomm Incorporated, in collaboration with Huawei, ZTE, Quanta and BandRich, announced the launch of LTE TDD multi-mode devices based on Qualcomm’s MDM9x00™ chipsets at Qualcomm’s signature event, IndiaOn 2011.

Kenya plans single wholesale LTE network
Source: Rethink Wireless
Building a single LTE network and supporting many mobile operators via wholesale agreements will be a common pattern in 4G. Kenya is the latest country to study this model, as an alternative to the usual competitive auction process.

Russia LTE plan hits another hurdle
Source: Rethink Wireless
Russia's plan to kick off its LTE era with a single network, run by Yota and shared by the big four carriers, was elegant in its simplicity - but perhaps it was too much to hope that the country would achieve 4G so smoothly, given its history of spectrum disputes and bureaucratic delays during 3G. The carriers are already arguing over plans to redistribute spectrum, and there are antitrust probes into whether the plan hurts smaller rivals. Now another hurdle faces the Yota plan - centering on the 4G start-up's valuation of itself at $1bn.

NEC collaborating with Cisco to Build Commercial LTE Networks for Service Providers
Source: Cisco press release
NEC Corporation collaborating with Cisco announced a strategic relationship in the construction and sale of commercial long-term evolution (LTE) networks for service providers. NEC and Cisco will jointly provide the end-to-end equipment for building LTE networks for service providers, including NEC's wireless network equipment (eNodeB), NEC's mobile backhaul solutions and Cisco's Mobile Internet network equipment ASR5000.

Picochip and ASTRI announce availability of first commercial-grade LTE small cell reference design
Source: Picochip press release
Picochip and Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) announced that they have successfully completed the design and validation of the PC8609, the industry’s first commercial-grade LTE FDD femtocell physical layer software.


NGMN whitepapers on LTE Backhaul
Source: NGMN
- Guidelines for LTE Backhaul Traffic Estimation
- LTE Backhauling Deployment Scenarios

Ceragon Releases Compact, All-Outdoor Packet Solution for 4G/LTE Backhaul
Source: Ceragon press release
Ceragon Networks Ltd. announced the release of FibeAir® IP-10C- a compact, all-outdoor, high-capacity wireless packet backhaul solution - as the newest member of the widely deployed FibeAir IP-10 family.

NetLogic throws 80 cores at LTE infrastructure
Source: Rethink Wireless
One of the growing band of semiconductor companies chasing the souped-up 4G base station market is NetLogic Microsystems, which has unveiled a network processor with no fewer than 80 cores, targeting LTE infrastructure as well as enterprise networks and cloud storage applications.


New Spectrum for the Americas Region is Vital
Source: 4G Americas
“Network capacity constraints for mobile service providers throughout the Americas, and particularly in the U.S., will soon affect their ability to offer more advanced services unless governments make more spectrum available,” said Chris Pearson, President of 4G Americas.

GSA confirms acceleration of investments in LTE, and forecasts 93 commercial networks by 2012
Source: GSA
The GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) has published an update to its Evolution to LTE report, highlighting the growing investment in LTE. 237 operators have either launched commercial service, or are in trials, tests or studies.


NGMN Board Recommendation on LTE Patent Pool
Source: NGMN
The NGMN Board has followed the activities on creating patent pools on LTE with high interest since 2010 when NGMN conducted a Request for Information on LTE patent pool administrators. In its recent Board meeting in China, the Board reviewed the on-going activities to launch an LTE patent pool.


Mobile Broadband Explosion: 3GPP Broadband Evolution to IMT-Advanced
Source: 4G Americas
Rysavy’s report, Mobile Broadband Explosion: 3GPP Broadband Evolution to IMT-Advanced, discusses the evolution of EDGE, HSPA, LTE, the capabilities of these technologies and their position relative to other primary competing technologies. It explains how these technologies fit into the ITU roadmap that leads to IMT-Advanced.

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