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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nokia Siemens Networks to supply network architecture to Telecom Italia

Source: Nokia Siemens Networks press release
Telecom Italia is accelerating the evolution of its mobile network in Italy to be ready to deliver Ultra Broadband Services and has chosen Nokia Siemens Networks as one of its main suppliers in the development of its new network architecture. The modernization plan will provide Telecom Italia significant power-consumption savings, of up to 65 per cent, compared to its current equipment and allow it to reduce its annual CO2 output by about 15 million kg.

Other important goals that Telecom Italia plans to achieve through partnership with Nokia Siemens Networks include preparing for the future Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. Nokia Siemens Networks’ multi-technology Flexi Base Station which is software upgradeable to LTE provides a smooth evolution path. Also, thanks to the small size and flexible deployment options of Flexi Base Station, the operator aims to reduce equipment footprint allowing better use of site space, and so making site sharing with other operators easier. In addition, Telecom Italia aims to optimize investment in the transport domain with Nokia Siemens Networks Internet Protocol-based solutions.

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