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Monday, February 9, 2009

Qualcomm focused on bilateral deals for LTE IPR

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As new rounds of IPR negotiations over OFDM/OFDMA technologies loom, Qualcomm is out to persuade critics that its approach to IPR is vastly transparent, not to mention fair, reasonable and nondiscriminatory. But will that forestall future licensing disagreements?

One cannot think of chipmaker Qualcomm without thinking of intellectual-property rights. Although 65% of the company’s corporate revenues stems from sales of chips, 30% comes from royalties for IPR. With so much of its revenue stream based on IPR, it’s no wonder the company is protective of its patents, not to mention its reputation regarding IPR, which has become tarnished by protracted court battles with companies such as Broadcom and Nokia.

Greg Cobb, vice president and assistant general manager of technology licensing at Qualcomm, talked about these issues at last month’s ATIS-3GPP LTE conference in Dallas, addressing IPR related to LTE and other technologies.

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