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Monday, February 9, 2009

UMTS Forum sets sights on LTE, 4G

Source: Total Telecom
As UMTS subscribers reach 350 million, Forum looks ahead to future evolution of 3GPP mobile broadband technology from LTE and beyond.
Originally set up to promote UMTS as the 3G technology of choice, the UMTS Forum is now moving on to the next evolution of the 3GPP standard and focusing on LTE.

"We can say after 12 years that we have achieved our goals with UMTS," said UMTS Forum chairman Jean-Pierre Bienaime, speaking to Total Telecom on Friday. "We can see the global uptake of 3G UMTS," with estimated subscribers of around 350 million globally.

Now, Bienaime said the Forum is "strongly representing LTE", although it is under no illusion that networks will evolve overnight: "It has to be modular," said Bienaime, also noting that most mobile operators will not be turning off their GSM networks any time soon.

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